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"Often the documentarians—not the fiction-makers from Hollywood—have the best eye for stories. Victoria Bruce and Karin Hayes certainly came up with a great one when they decided to do a film on the enduring friendship of former mayor Roger "Pip" Moyer and longtime civic activist Joseph "Zastrow" Simms... We're wishing them well not just out of local pride, but because the story has a larger value for Americans. Lots of communities have everyday heroes like Mr. Simms and Mr. Moyer, and this film could be a way of honoring them all - and offering an example for the future."
- The Capital Newspaper Editorial Board

"...this is a very interesting and exciting project; I am pleased and proud to give it my strongest endorsement."
- Michael Busch, Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates

"This is a great human interest story with wonderful ramifications for race relations. The Annapolis Human Relations Commission unanimously [extends] its support to the film project."
- Michael J. Keller, Chair, Annapolis Human Relations Comission

"You are performing a very valuable public service to celebrate diversity and advance the message of the importance of working together. Our organization believes in the importance of telling this civil rights story. Thank you for agreeing to take us on your journey."
- Griff Hall, Executive Director, Leadership Anne Arundel

"As envisioned by Bruce and Hayes, there is no doubt the exploration of the relationship between the well-placed political figure, Mayor Pip Moyer and native born, convicted felon, Zastrow Simms, will force its audience to confront preconceived prejudices and self-imposed restrictions on dealing with someone who lives 'on the other side of the tracts'. Certainly in these days of heightened security and, consequently, reinforced paranoia and suspicions, there is a desperate and undeniable need for studies that explore the reality and hope that man's humanity towards man often will triumph and that such efforts should be encouraged. Themes such as this that Bruce and Hayes tackle in 'Pip and Zastrow' will connect not only with a local Maryland community, but a national and international brotherhood, also."
- Chris Haley, Maryland State Archives; Director, Study The Legacy of Slavery in Maryland; Director, Utopia Film Festival Board; Historic London Town Board; Annapolis Arts Alliance Board; Jake Savage Foundation Board; Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation

"It's about time this story was told. Children learn about Dr. King ... but there are heroes here ... and people don't know about it."
- George Phelps Jr., Narrator of Pip & Zastrow, and first African American law enforcement officer in Anne Arundel County

"Dr. King said there are difficult times ahead, but out of difficulty comes opportunity," Mr. Simms said. We have come a long, long way. But there is still hatred out there... The children need to learn that black and white can work together."
- Zastrow Simms